And whoever volunteers excess
It is better for him Sura AL-BAQARA (184)

A Saudi incubator for volunteer work that provides a safe environment that serves and regulates the relationship between providers of volunteer opportunities and volunteers in the Kingdom.


One Million Volunteers

Voluntary work is a feature of vital societies, for its role in activating the energies of society, and enriching the nation with the achievements of its children and their arms. Through the volunteer work platform, you can volunteer, in the place, time, and field that suits your experiences and skills. The platform also allows you to document your hours and issue your volunteer certificates. Be part of the Kingdom's vision 2030 and join the ranks of the million volunteers.

Most important

Platform Characteristics And Features

Linking (integration) to the National Information Center

The volunteers reach the opportunities easily

Get notifications about volunteer opportunities according to the volunteer's interests

Monitor and document volunteer hours

Providing specialized volunteer opportunities with a social and economic impact

Voluntary Opportunities Bank

Share with us an idea that contributes to the activation of volunteer work and allows the participation of volunteers through your idea that will be adopted by the authorities to be you the pioneer and reference in their implementation

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